James Ennis 14 Points Pistons Debut Full Highlights (2/11/2018)

A lot of players have started putting “II”, “III”, or “Jr.” at the end of their names, and I don’t know if I’m supposed to include those things with their name or not. James Ennis was always just James Ennis until this year, when he suddenly became “James Ennis III”. Did he only just realize that both his dad and his grandpa had the same name as him, or is he just doing it because it makes his name seem more regal?

For now, he’s going to be James Ennis with no fancy additions. I feel secure in my decision because the Pistons commentators also didn’t bother with saying “the third” after every action Ennis took on the court. That’s just too many syllables. And for me, it’s too much typing. I can save literally seconds of my life if I don’t type all those useless roman numerals.

Ennis impressed in his first game as a Piston, scoring one off his season high, but really, everything he’s been doing for the past few seasons has sucked compared to that stretch he had for the Pelicans at the end of 2016. In nine games, he averaged sixteen points per game. Now, this season, he hasn’t even scored sixteen once in a single game. I’ll be over here waiting for that to happen.

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