Jae Crowder 15 Points Jazz Debut Full Highlights (2/11/2018)

Jae Crowder is probably glad to get out of Cleveland. Nobody really liked him there. LeBron probably yelled at him all the time and the fans obviously thought he was trash (because he kinda was). Now he gets a fresh start in a small market where everybody’s polite. Even if continues to play like trash (and early indications indicate indicatively that he won’t play like trash), he can simply join the ranks of unheralded trash players who play on teams far away from the media spotlight. You don’t hear about those guys because they’re not directly detracting from a team’s championship aspirations like Crowder was in Cleveland.

The Jazz proved that their roster reshuffling had no effect on team chemistry as they booty-blasted the Blazers by roughly twenty points. The one thing I don’t get is why they waived Derrick Rose. He would have provided valuable veteran wisdom to Dante Exum on how to be chronically injured.

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