Jonas Valanciunas 21 Points/2 Threes Full Highlights (2/11/2018)

How is Lithuania doing in the Winter Olympics? Are they winning? Do they usually win? I hope they’re winning, if only to make Jonas Valanciunas happy. I admit, I’m paying exactly zero attention to the festivities this year, because I don’t think Ice Basketball is a sport yet, but I just thought I’d ask. Lithuania is an area of the world where they should have at least a handful of competitors, right? I’d Google this info myself, but since I’m actually participating in something of a boycott of it, because I don’t think Ice Basketball is a sport yet, I’ll have to wait for someone to tell me what’s going on with Lithuanians and their snow/ice non-sport medal counts.

In other news: this trend of Valanciunas shooting threes is going to take some time to get used to. His two-hand overhead fling is unorthodox, but it’s getting the job done for now, so I can’t be too upset. Except that some things are too pure, too good, to be shooting dirty shots from beyond the whore-arc.

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