Yogi Ferrell 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/6/2018)

The shine from that nationally-televised 9-three performance Yogi Ferrell had last year has finally faded away, I think. He has, to this point, not come close to replicating it, and there’s only so many low double-digit performances an excited viewing public can take before they say “You know what, we’re done with you, say, have you heard about that James Harden guy? He’s really great!”.

Maybe tonight will change that, a bit. 6 threes isn’t that much in today’s three-point-friendly climate, but 6 of 7 is a nice little stat. 6 of 6 would’ve been better, but he got greedy with the game already in hand. Greed is good most of the time, but when you’re chasing a perfect shooting performance, sometimes it’s better to lay off the trigger and let someone else shoot the ball.

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