Tomas Satoransky 19 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/6/2018)

John Wall is going to come back at some point and ruin everything for everybody. Everybody on planet earth, but especially the Wizards and their fanbase. We’re seeing it happen right now with Paul Millsap and the Nuggets, and we’re going to see it again.

Here’s the deal: the Wizards have chemistry now. They didn’t before, but they do now, they know how to play together and stuff, and that’s because Wall isn’t around being a big busterooni and hogging the ball and trying to buy the favor of his teammates with expensive watches. Tomas Satoransky doesn’t need to buy the favor of anyone; he’s earned it, with his selfless and inspired play. That’s the deal right there. Don’t like it? Let me direct you to one of those NBA reaction channels; I’m sure those vids would be more to your liking, you simple-minded clodpate.

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