Dwight Powell 20 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2018)

Dwight Powell might have been the only player on the Mavericks who showed up against the Rockets last night. The Mavericks as a team scored 82, which isn’t the most pathetic thing ever (still pretty pathetic tee bee aitch), but almost a fourth of those came as a result of Dwight Powell and his elite lob-finishing ability.

Harrison “Franchise Player” Barnes went 4 of 16. Dennis “ROTY Of The Year” Smith Jr. went 2 of 12. Yogi “Not Very Good” Ferrell went 1 of 8. Doug “Shrewd Trade Deadline Acquisition” McDermott went 1 of 7. J.J “Mexican” Barea went 2 of 9. A thing named Jameel Warney went 2 of 4, which is actually pretty good for an NBA debut. Only Powell had a decent scoring night with his twenty points and 9-of-11 shooting from the field.

Unrelated side note, but every time Jeff “Skin” Wade says anything, my “Skin” starts to crawl.

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