Bobby Portis 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/11/2018)

Bobby “Crazy Eyes” Portis: a legit stretch four? Question mark?

I would say, yeah, he totally is a legit stretch four. Legitimately. He’s only shooting 34% on three-pointers, but that’s legit enough where teams have to guard him at that distance. They can’t just let him shoot those shots. Or they could, if they’re tanking like the Hawks are.

Second legit thing about Portis being a legit stretch four: he’s scoring 13 points per game this season. That’s legit. You can’t be a stretch four if you’re averaging four points per game. That makes you a stretch nothing. But thirteen PPG? A lot of players never get to average that many points. It’s quite possible that Portis never improves on these numbers because his role might never be this big, but the answer to the question “Was Bobby Portis, at any point in his NBA career, a legit stretch four?” is an emphatic “Yes”.

What I’m saying here is that Bobby Portis is basically the next Ersan Ilyasova, except his eyes are way crazier and his birth certificate was never falsified.

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