Mikal Bridges 16 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2019)

We’re still waiting on the elusive Mikal Bridges 20-burger. I thought he had a good shot at it after scoring 16 in the first three quarters (for reference, it would take James Harden 3 minutes to score that many points, and it would take Ryan Anderson 2 months). Whenever I start thinking thoughts like that, though, the player in question immediately stops scoring and doesn’t start again, and that’s what happened against the Lakers. So, he ends with 16, which is still really good for him, but I’m not excited by it anymore. I yearn for more.

The Suns are so bad right now that I don’t see the harm in just letting him chuck 20 or so shots every game. Bridges needs the seasoning, he needs the experience. Tell Devin Booker to give up the rock for a little bit but to not worry, he’ll get to shoot on all the possessions that Bridges doesn’t. He remembers what it was like to be a rookie who didn’t get to shoot as much as he wanted, right? Even if in Booker’s case, there is no amount of shots besides “all of them” that will satisfy his mad desire for higher and higher point totals.

Also: shout out to the mini-Faried looking dude named Emanuel Terry for stuffing the stat sheet tonight. I have no idea who he is, but I’m looking forward to a highlight video in the next few games.

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