Wayne Selden 15 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2019)

Raise your hand if you, as neither a fan of the Bulls or the Grizzlies, realized that Wayne Selden had been traded from Memphis to Chicago. I’m expecting a lot of hands up here. I haven’t fully succeeded in purging my channel of casuals, but I have made great progress. I don’t want anyone watching my videos who doesn’t religiously keep track of trades shuffling scrubs around the league, who doesn’t have a second screen with a live Twitter feed showing all the transactions. I can forgive missing a new 10-day signee, even I miss those sometimes (where did Emanuel Terry come from), but that’s the only allowance I’ll make.

The Bulls are now loaded to the brim with midget shooters who can’t do much else. An interesting way of building a team, and one that I am absolutely in favor of. Aspects of the game like “rebounding”, “defense”, and “winning” can be discarded in favor of “chucking bad shots”. See if one of them can be the next MJ. I had hopes for Antonio Blakeney, but he’s been pretty bad lately, and Zach LaVine, well, he’s sort of there already if you squint real hard and imagine him to be way blacker.

Selden as the next MJ is a long shot, but perhaps tonight is the start of his ascendancy. 15 points on a whole bunch of jumpers, that sounds like something MJ would’ve done in his Wizards days to me.

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