Matthew Dellavedova 16 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2019)

Reports that Anthony Davis wants to be traded have surfaced, just an hour ago, from everyone’s favorite scooper, Wojnarooski. My first thought about the situation wasn’t, as you might expect, “how can the Bucks get him?”, but was instead “how can we get Matthew Dellavedova reunited with LeBron James?”.

I think I’ve figured it out. First step, the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis. That’s probably what’s going to happen, and the trade will probably involve Lonzo Ball, as he is an intriguing rebuilding piece for the Pelicans. Maybe the trade will also involve Rajon Rondo, so he can go back to New Orleans and average 20 assists per game without anyone else to take the ball from him. Step two: the Lakers, now lacking point guards besides Alex Caruso, need to go out and find a new one to pair with LeBron. Step two is continued when they… trade for Dellavedova! Kyle Kuzma for Delly should work straight up, or possibly Ingram for Delly. If both of those dudes have already been traded for Davis, the Cavaliers have to switch things up a bit. Consider this step 2.5: the Cavs, instead of trading away Delly, trade for LeBron! They have the assets to pull this off, and as long as they don’t mistakenly include the Audacious Aussie in the deal, he and LeBron will be reunited once more. Ready to terrorize Stephanie Lurry and the Larriors in the Finals once again.

I think this is feasible.

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