Collin Sexton 27 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

Collin “Collinoscopy” Sexton has now had two games in a row, meaning that people who had written off his entire career on the basis of a month’s worth of extremely horrific, nearly coma-inducing shooting can come crawling back and admit to all of us that maybe he’ll turn out okay after all.

I wasn’t one of those people who had written him off. I definitely would have been, because I am unreasonably harsh on rookies, but players playing badly are somewhat hidden from my view given that I’m only looking at box-scores in order to figure out which players deserve highlight videos. My eyes just glass over and my brain stops receiving input when I see that a player has scored only eight or ten points, even if it took them thirteen shots and they played like garbage (as Sexton was doing for essentially the whole month of January). I had a mild sense that something was amiss because I wasn’t making any Collinoscopy highlight videos, but I didn’t realize until recently how bad his play had been.

As I said, we can forget about all that because Sexton has scored 27 in two consective games. They were both losses, but think how bad the losses would have been if he hadn’t scored 27!

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