Marquese Chriss 13 Points Cavaliers Debut Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

Marquese “Marqueso” “Sea Cheese” Chriss was a total afterthought in Houston. He made one three-pointer the entire time he was there. Now, in his first game with the Cavaliers, he hit three three-pointers and also had two dunks. Isn’t that exactly what the Rockets want out of their players? Dunks and threes? A lob target who can shoot from outside seems like the perfect fit in a Harden-spearheaded offense, but the promise of Chriss being those things and Chriss actually being those things are two very different things.

This could be the turning point for Sea Cheese, but it more likely isn’t. He would randomly have good games with the Suns sometimes too, but Suns fans were totally done with him despite the flashes of competence that he would show on occasion. I’m just happy he ended up on a team where he gets to play (at least until Love’s ready for more minutes and Tristan Thompson comes back from an injury which surely is Kardashian-related). He might not be a very good basketball player, but on a team that doesn’t have very many good basketball players, you might as well play him.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am eagerly awaiting the emergence of the Chriss-Dellavedova lob connection.

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