David Nwaba 17 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

I admit, I didn’t realize David Nwaba was injured, much less missing a whole tons of games because of it. I never noticed, in the last month of looking at Cavaliers boxscores, that Nwaba’s name wasn’t even there. This ignorance of his status reveals my true opinion of him: he’s not that fun or exciting. If he was either of those things, I would’ve been aware that he wasn’t playing. But I wasn’t, and I apologize. I’ll try to feign hype for Nwaba in the future, as hard as it will be for me.

Now he’s back. I’m not the only one who never noticed he was gone in the first place, but he’s back now, and he’s ready to kick butt. Ready to play his strange brand of basketball where he’s the size of a PG but plays like a tweener forward. The brand of basketball where the only people who can appreciate it are fans of the team he’s currently on and fans of the teams he used to be on (Lakers fans still miss him I think). I am certainly incapable of appreciating it. Way too much defense, way too much hustle, not enough finesse.

But he scored 17 points with a couple of threes, so why am I dumping on him so hard? I don’t know.

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