Mikal Bridges 19 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

Let us now take the time to remember how the Philadelphia 76ers drafted Mikal Bridges so that he could play for the team his mom works for, and everyone felt all good about it, it was a “feel-good” story, and the people at the draft interviewed him like he was gonna be a 76er, and I think his mom was there and maybe some people were crying, and then a few minutes later he got traded to the Suns for some bum and a big bag of potato chips. All that lead up for nothing, instead of getting to play for “a” “championship” “contender”, he gets to play for the team that makes a habit out of ruining every player they can get their hands on.

Mostly thinking about Dragan Bender here, which isn’t fair to the Suns, because it’s like he would be ruined with or without the Suns’ help.

Bridges hasn’t exactly captured the imagination of the country as a rookie. In fact, I feel like a lot of people have kinda forgotten about him, and the ones that haven’t likely still think that he and Miles Bridges are related somehow (which they are, technically, because they’re both members of the human race). He hasn’t had a signature game to really get people to notice him.

If you were thinking that last sentence was a lead up to this being his signature game, sorry for getting your hopes up. It is the second-most points he’s ever scored, but he only made a few shots and that half-court alley-oop to Richaun Holmes didn’t elevate the whole of the performance to anything above “meh”.

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