Trey Burke 18 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

I am considering this game to be Trey “Treyburkulosis” Burke’s debut with the Mavericks. He only played four minutes in his “real” debut, which isn’t really enough time to start even thinking about making a shot. There’s no point playing a player you just acquired so few minutes, so I’m choosing to believe that it never happened.

With that said, Burke had a nice debut with Dallas last night against the Bucks, scoring 18 points and dishing five dimes. The most telling stat: he was a +15 in the 26 minutes he played, even though the game was a 15 point loss. He was part of the insane third-quarter run that the Mavericks went on, where they seemingly hit every three they tried (nine of them; I was SO MAD), while Sucka DonBitch sat on the bench and sulked. I know the Mavs are trying to build around that guy and Kristaps Porzingis, but maybe there’s room in the big three for Burke? Just putting it out there.

Remember, he had a 40-10 game last year. He has a scoring pedigree that can’t be ignored, and if he would just put that headband back on, he would be like the second coming of Allen Iverson but with less practice rants.

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