Jeremy Lamb 24 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Jeremy Lamb’s 24th point came with 9 minutes to go in the third quarter. After that point, the only thing he did was try and pretend he was a point guard (here’s a hint Germy: you’re not) and pick up 6 stupid assists. It’s great that players sometimes try to add things to their game, or try out new strategies, but in Lamb’s case, the thing he should be trying to add is a Dirk-style turnaround fadeaway. Or a Siakam-type spin move.

Aside from Kemba Walker, Lamb is the only semi-reliable scorer that the Hornets have. They don’t need him to pass, or defend, or hand out towels on the bench. All of those things can be done by other people. They need him to score the rock. Scoring is what he needs to do. I can’t figure out a third way to rephrase that concept, but I think two times is enough to get my point across. Walker can’t do it all by himself. Well, he can, and has, but it would help if Lamb could bump himself up to 20-ish PPG. 15 is pretty good, especially considering how the Thunder gave up on his potential and it looked like he never would reach it.

By the way, what is Perry Jones up to? Him and Lamb were the Thunder’s prospects of the future. Lamb eventually turned out, but Jones? I’m too lazy to look it up, but he’s probably killing it in Bosnia right now. Or Taiwan.

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