Royce O’Neale 17 Points Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Royce “Shaqueale” O’Neale, after this four-for-four performance, is now shooting 43 percent from three this season. Let’s ignore the fact that he got totally snubbed for three-point shootout (NBA always dicking small-market teams, SMH) and instead try to be positive. Positivity incoming:

-43 percent is really good
-He acts as a nice complementary guard to Donovan Mitchell
-His beard looks good from the front
-Leading Jazz scorer in a playoff game last year

Look at that. That’s four whole positive things I can say about O’Neale, and I bet if I sat here for another 20 minutes, I could come up with another one. Which would make five. Man, I can see why Jazz fans really like this dude. I’d like him too if he was being a low-usage do-little player on the Bucks. Like a shorter Tony Snell.

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