Dion Waiters 24 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2019)

If this was two years ago, there’s no doubt that Dion Waiters would’ve made his game-winning fading/leaning three-point attempt to beat the Warriors. He was a wizard (a figurative one, not a literal Washington one) back then; when he took a clutch shot, you knew it was going down. There was an aura about him that he called “Waiters Island”.

Waiters Island is empty now, except for its namesake. The magic is gone. Perhaps some of it could’ve been regained if Waiters had hit his shot, but he didn’t. At least it was close, unlike the 20-second Waiters iso resulting in an airball three a couple of possessions prior.

Regardless, this is Waiters’ best game of the season, recalling at least a little bit the games he had while convincing the Heat to give him a huge contract. The Heat are lacking offensive firepower these days; an activated and slightly in-shape Waiters would be useful as they make their playoff push. It’s optimistic to think that he’ll ever be truly “conditioned”, though. Has he ever not been a chubby little boy?

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