Justise Winslow 22 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2019)

Here’s my question: are the Heat so committed to the “Justise Winslow at point guard” experiment that they’ll continue to utilize it when Goran Dragic comes back? Or will they revert Winslow back to a point-forward secondary ball handler role like James Johnson has been for the past couple seasons (but not this one because he sucks this season)? Winslow’s accelerated development can partially be attributed to his role as primary ball handler, and you don’t want him to regress again by removing him from the role which has given him the most success.

One underrated option here would have been to trade Dragic for a package of assets that would either help the Heat push for the playoffs or give them the incentive to properly tank. The Suns, for example, totally would have taken Dragic back, and then the Heat wouldn’t really have any point guards around to cut into Winslow’s minutes at that position. However, trading an injured franchise cornerstone is not a good look, so I can see why the Heat wouldn’t have done this.

We’ll see how this gets figured out. Spo already has a too-deep roster and not enough minutes to go around. It’ll just get worse when Dragic gets back. Is there any rule preventing you from having a sixth player on the court as long as you promise to the refs that the sixth player will just stand and watch?

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