Derrick Rose 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

Derrick Rose has been out for a little bit, which is unfortunate for me because his absence results in a lot of minutes (and therefore, a lot of highlight videos) for a certain bald-headed backup PG whose name rhymes with bare-head payless. But now Rose is back in the lineup and back to his bounceback year which had a few of his old hangers-on clamoring for an All-Star appearance.

The minutes part is great! I was getting real tired of that bald former Buck.The “All-Star” part is not so great. In the Western conference, where there are least three major snubs every season due to the concentration of talent in the conference, it would be a straight-up insult to let Derrick Rose into the game over somebody else. That’s not something I can get behind, even if Rose is having a great season and all the fans of his Chicago-era glory days are reemerging to bask in his healing light once again.

Side note: how do I get my hair to turn into those cool braids that look like they were Celtic-knotted? Do I have to chop all my hair off and start over from the beginning? I don’t know anything about hair but I do know that this pale skinny white guy is completely jealous of Rose’s braids.

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