Bobby Portis 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

The honeymoon period might have ended for Jabari Parker (he scored no points in nineteen minutes this game), but it’s still going strong for Bobby “Crazy Eyes” Portis. I would say that he’s going a long way towards establishing himself as the second banana on the Wall-less ‘Zards after Bradley Beal. He just seems to have more of a scoring mindset than the previous contenders for second-banana on the ‘Zards, Jeff Green (too passive due to benzo addiction) and Trevor Ariza (doesn’t care anyore).

This is a contract year for Portis, so it’s in his best interests to show off his scoring ability. Martell Webster did this to the Wizards once upon a time, and he ended up getting rewarded with a fat contract. I don’t really wish Webster’s ultimate fate on Portis, which was to develop chronic injuries so painful that he had to walk away from the sport that he loved; I’m just illustrating the point that the Wizards might be prone to overpaying players who maybe aren’t that good but are better than anybody they can attract in free agency.

See: a certain All-Star point guard whose Achilles tendons are flopping out of his ankles like spent bungee cords.

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