Joe Harris 24 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

I feel cheated right now. Cheated and abused. Joe Harris hit seven three-pointers in the first half of this game. He was on pace to tie or break the NBA record. However, instead of doing that very attainable thing, he didn’t make a three-pointer in the second half. In fact, he only attempted ONE shot in the second half, and it was a two-point attempt.

I didn’t watch the game. I was only watching the box-score, and the box-score doesn’t tell me if the Nick Nurse told his team to put the clamps on Harris on the second half. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had told them something like that (likely as part of a profanity-laden red-faced tirade), because Harris smoked them in the first half, especially in the first quarter. I thought flamethrowers were illegal, but apparently not in Canada.

The levels of disappointment and upsetness (not a word but should be one) I feel right now are crushing me. Just a few days ago I made an OFFICIAL DECREE that Joe Harris has to, going forward, score twenty points if he wants a highlight video, but now I am considering raising that bar out of pure, venomous spite. Is thirty a high enough bar? Should we go higher? Forty? Forty points and a minimum of nine three-pointers made? The effective result of that policy would be that Harris would no longer get his videos uploaded to my channel, which I think is perfectly fine given how callously he toyed with my heart.

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