Malik Beasley 23 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

During the leadup to the trade deadline, where rumors and speculation were flying around like so many cursed bats, I heard a rumor that disturbed me. As the kids would say, I was “shook”. This rumor involved the Nuggets trading Gary Harris.

Now, I am not quite as #hypedforgaryharris as I used to be, that’s true. But I’m still a very, very far ways away from wanting him on a team other than the Denver Nuggets. So what if Malik Beasley has come in and replaced almost all of his production along with Monte Morris? Last time I checked, you want MORE good players on your team, not fewer. A few positional redundancies are a small price to pay for a possible WCF appearance (I’m not as optimistic about the Finals for the Nuggets anymore, god dammit DeMarcus Cousins just die already). There will still be plenty of minutes to go around when everyone gets fully healthy, as long as Isiah Thomas is fine with just sitting on the bench and not getting to play.

If you ignore Beasley’s 0-point (and 0 everything else except for minutes) game against the Jazz a few weeks ago, he’s got a 16-game streak of scoring in double figures. Some of those games he started, some of them he didn’t, but no matter the scenario he’s providing consistent production. Consistently. I don’t know about giving him the MIP Improved Player award, but at least he’s making an argument.

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