Patrick McCaw 13 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

Patrick “Contract Negotiations” McCaw is, at this point, way more notable for his strange contract situation than any of his on-court exploits. Right now, I am 100% too lazy to look up the relevant deets on his dispute with the Warriors, but I can give a brief synopsis that is very likely to be misleading or downright incorrect: The Warriors offered McCaw a decent deal (especially for a young player who hasn’t quite proven himself), McCaw’s agent stupidly advised him to hold out for more money, the Warriors didn’t want to pay him more money because he wasn’t even worth the money they offered him in the original contract, McCaw never caved because he was delusional, and eventually, the two sides parted ways. That’s what I seem to remember. I also remember everybody thinking that McCaw was a dumbass.

I mean, you’re not a dumbass just because you want to get paid what you’re worth. That part’s not dumb. The dumb part is overestimating your own worth and then not getting paid ANYTHING because you’re holding out for more.

Now McCaw is on the Raptors and I doubt he’s getting paid as much as he would have been getting paid if he had just taken what the Warriors offered him. He’s also in a place where he doesn’t get many minutes and where it’s cold all the time and where they use things called “dollars” but they’re not the same as real American dollars (which are real money). This probably wasn’t the way he envisioned things going, but at least he’s still in the league.

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