Gerald Green 19 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

I think that, just for one game, Gerald Green should get to statpad like James Harden did at the end of this one. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the NBA for the past two months, Harden is on an extended streak of games where he’s scored thirty or more. Harden was at risk of not making it to thirty in this game, but thanks to some shot-chucking at the end when he should have been sitting on the bench, he made it.

Gerald Green can chuck shots just as well as anybody in the NBA. If given the green light, he’ll take three-pointers whenever he feels like. I’d say that he currently does have a green light to shoot (all three-point shooters on the Rockets have such a light), but it’s not the EXTRA-green light that would allow him to shoot fifteen three-pointers a game. Don’t you think it would be awesome if we got to see Green completely unleashed for exactly one game? No pressure to win, no pressure to maintain his three-point percentage, no pressure to pass, all of that combined would result in forty points for Green. Easy. Maybe even fifty.

I’m strongly considering forming my own basketball league and offering Gerald Green a max contract in it (I estimate that a max contract in my new league would be approximately eight dollars). That way I can live out this fantasy in a healthy and safe way.

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