Trevor Ariza 23 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2019)

Someone needs to ask Trevor Ariza where he found the Fountain of Youth, because he’s obviously been taking huge swigs from it the whole time he’s been with the ‘Zards, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of Spanish conquistadors who would really like to know its whereabouts. It might be too late for Juan Ponce de Leon, but it’s not too late for all the people on Earth who are still alive (including me, not like I’d want to be immortal anyway, you know how many times I’d have to see the Bucks choke in that scenario? Infinity times).

Side note: the one time I had a chance to put a city by the Fountain of Youth natural wonder in Civilization V (best natural wonder in the game don’t @ me), I rushed out a settler to it only to be beat by the Huns to the spot by like two turns. I uninstalled the game after that.

Ariza is now averaging the most points he ever has in his career. I’m only counting his stint with Washington here, not his disastrous time with the Suns. It must be really fun for him, scoring points like this, and maybe even ‘Zards fans are enjoying this, but I’m sure not. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that Ariza is currently RUINING my LIFE. I’m so sick of making vids for him, and even when I ignore his assists (like this one) they just end up way too long and involve way too much effort.

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