Jabari Parker 22 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2019)

Every time I make a Japari Parker video for uploadment to my channel, it seems as if his namesake kitty, Japurri Purrker, is aware of it. Japurri usually sits in the same room as me when I’m making highlight videos, but he doesn’t get involved in the process. He’s too sleepy for that. He just curls up in a ball somewhere, and if he’s doing anything other than sleeping, it’s licking his paws and the place where his dingleberries used to be (they were taken off when he was a kitten).

But when there’s Jabari action happening on my screen, Japurri always has to come over and check it out. I’ve trained him not to jump on my desk because he could knock over my expensive computer equipment, but he’ll jump on my lap and then put his front paws on the desk while getting his face as close to the monitor as possible. Whenever Jabari’s face shows up on screen, Japurri meows at him. It’s definitely not an angry meow. It’s more like a “pay attention to me” meow, but it’s not a meow that’s directed at me. Which is fine, because I get enough of those meows in a typical day. It’s like Japurri is trying to make Jabari award of the special bond that they share.

Sometimes I wonder if Japurri and Jabari are connected by more than just their names. The way Japurri can just tell I’m about to start making a video for Jabari, even when I haven’t started gathering the clips or even looking at the box-score, is sort of spooky. Like, what if there’s some cosmic life force out there that resides both within the cat and within the human that has joined their souls with an unbreakable cosmic soul-bond?

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