Joe Harris 25 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2019)

I’m getting myself hyped for Joe Harris in the three-point contest. I know, as a Bucks fan, that I should be rooting for Khris Middleton, but that dude doesn’t even really deserve to be there (Davis Bertans fans keep calling me out for not bringing up his shootout snub so here we are: Bertans got snubbed). And I remember how bad he choked last time he was there that I don’t have much hope of success from him. Whereas with Harris, you know that a dude who was so committed to making the contest that he had the Nets make a funny promo video for him is going to be 100 percent serious about winning.

I guess mostly I’m just hoping for all the contestants to hit lots and lots of threes. There’s nothing lamer than a three-point shootout where all the “shooters” forget how to manipulate their arms and hands and everyone is bricking. It shouldn’t even be acceptable for one of them to shoot less than 50 percent in a given round. Would it be okay for a dunker in the dunk contest to miss half or more of their dunks? No! NATE ROBINSON JOKE GOES HERE DON’T FORGET DUMMY

Harris had his own personal three-point contest in this one, hitting his first three triples in the first quarter and setting the stage for a potential huge game. Well, looking at the amount of points he had in the video title and knowing that the game was a triple-overtime affair, we can say that this was sort of a disappointment. Curse defenses and teams that game-plan for role-players like Harris! It’s not fair that he should receive defensive attention; just look at him. He’s about as non-threatening as they come.

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