Robin Lopez 25 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2019)

Over the last few games, Robin Lopez has been outscoring his eternal nemesis since birth, Brook Lopez. As far as I can tell, this statistical anomaly is made possible by the fact that Robin has a coach who still foolishly thinks that having a bigman play around the basket is a GOOD thing. Pffpfpfpft. Pft. Even though the Bulls still reside in the stone age of offensive strategery, somehow it is working out for them, with this being the culmination of their laughable efforts. 25 points for Fropez. And he didn’t even make a three.

In other Fropez news, man, he needs to cut off that beard/stache combo. It’s not SO bad from the front, but from the side? Ugh. You can really see how it juts out from his face and tapers into little transparent pubes. As a dude who once had an unfortunate goatee (pictures will not be provided), I can speak as the voice of experience: shave it off. No one thinks it looks cool. No one. And the only reason people aren’t constantly laughing in your face about it is because they respect your domination of the YouTube highlights space/basketball abilities.

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