Malik Beasley 21 Points/1 Ejection Full Highlights (2/13/2019)

It’s much more fun to imagine Malik Beasley getting ejected for straight-up punching a ref, or straight-up punching a fan, or straight-up punching Michael Beasley (where is he now, is he even on a team?????), or straight-up punching anybody else in the arena, including himself, than to know how he actually got ejected. Ready for disappointment? As a longtime DownToBuck watcher, you know that disappointment is part of the game, so here you go:

Beasley got ejected for talking a little too much after a tough layup, which earned him a second technical after already getting one earlier. And that’s it. No punches or anything, he just throws his armband into the stands as a mix of cheers (for him) and boos (for the refs) rain down while he exits the court. If I were him, I would’ve enjoyed the quietude of the locker room (also enjoyed rummaging through the nooks and crannies to see if Corey Brewer left any cocaine behind from a few years ago), but knowing how competitive NBA players are, he was probably just sitting there pissed as all heck.

He did manage to get 21 points in before the refs decided that enough was enough, so his streak of great play continues. He’s one of the best stories of the NBA season IMHO, but you know that if Isaiah Thomas does anything of note at all that Beasley’s going to get overshadowed in a hurry.

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