Allonzo Trier 20 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

I, sacrificing a significant portion of my mortal life on this wretched planet, watched a good chunk of this Knicks game for one reason. Well, two reasons.

Reason Numero One: Damyean Dotson was going off and I wanted to see a 40-burger. We know how that turned out.

Reason Numero Two: I was hopeful that the tanking Knicks would grow a pair and put Henry Ellenson in the game. Nope.

Notice that Allonzo Trier is not one of those two reasons. He’s fine, but he’s not a compelling draw by himself. However, in the process of watching this game, I saw him score a bunch of points, and it was fun. So good for you, Iso ‘Zo. You turned a miserable experience (seriously just play Ellenson god damn it why would you sign him and then not play him) into a less-miserable experience. You and Anthony Tolliver (vid coming soon) really saved this game for me.

For die-hard New Yorkians, Trier may indeed be a legitimate draw. He’s a son of the city, hyped since he was old enough to shoot a basketball, and it’s cool to see him all grown up in the big leagues or whatever. All that work paid off, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see all of Ellenson’s hard work pay off too. Dammit. Come on.

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