Anthony Tolliver 16 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

Anthony Tolliver is currently tied for second place in the NBA in one important stat. I don’t like cliffhangers, so I’ll just tell you the stat straight up since you’re obviously very confused right now that there is a stat where The Tollbooth is almost the best in the league. Ready? Heck yes you are: Tolliver has played for the second most franchises out of any active NBA player, with 9. He’s tied with Marco Belinelli and Shaun Livingston, and then, as you should all know by now, Ish Smith is the leader with 10.

Which is why it sucked that it was the Timberwolves who picked him up this year. He’d already had a two-year stint with them a couple years ago, so his franchise total didn’t go up by even 1. And now that the trade deadline has long passed, it’s looking unlikely that he’ll pick up another franchise this season. I didn’t hear any rumors about him specifically, but I did hear rumors that teams were looking to add shooting, so you know he was in at least a few conversations around the league.

Theoretically, shooting is what Tolliver brings to the table. That’s his main skill, alongside his improbable dunk-blocking ability. Shooting is a skill that will keep (has kept) him around in the league longer than maybe it seems like he should, so he’s got a few more years to hit up the 21 teams he hasn’t already played for. Maybe if he holds out long enough, he can play for a reincarnated Sonics squad?

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