Brook Lopez 19 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

There are a lot of great things going on with this current Bucks season. Tons of tons of aspects, some of the greater than others, but all combining to make a season that has increased the amount of bandwagoners to never-before-seen levels, which actually isn’t so great. Attention bandwagoners: if you don’t remember and cherish the Ramon Sessions/Jeff Adrien combo, go be Warriors fans you trend-jumping losers.

With so many wonderful things happening, it’s hard to say what part of this season is my favorite. But after a long time of deep reflection, and the composition of this video, I think I have come to answer: the best thing about this current Bucks season is…

Brook Lopez shaking his head angrily after making a three.

He does it about two-thirds of the time, and it’s sweet. He’s telling the crowd “remember those threes that I missed yeah I’m still pissed about those and me making this one doesn’t change that fact”. In his mind, every single three he’s taking should be going in, and it’s a personal challenge from the universe when they don’t.

The second-best thing about the season is all the winning.

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