Anthony Tolliver 17 Points/1 Block Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

I watched most of this game live (“live” as in I was watching on my computer, not “live” as in I was at the game), so I was blessed enough to watch Anthony Tolliver completely erase Giannis’ dunk attempt in real time. When it happened I yelled “oh FRICK” out loud, but I used a different word instead of frick. A bad word. But I couldn’t help it. Old man Tolliver sacrificed his body and soul to get that block, and by god, did he ever block it.

The downside of watching this game live was I had to watch Tolliver hit a bunch of three-pointers. It’s not like the Timberwolves were running crazy complicated sets to get him open. He would just end up open and then a teammate would pass him the ball and he would shoot it without any defenders in the immediate vicinity. I’ve had the privilege of making a LOT of Tolliver videos over the years, so my scouting report on him is probably more complete and accurate than any NBA team’s. My scouting report reads in full:

“Defend this guy at the three point line. Let him drive the ball if he wants; his handles are suspect. Watch out for bright lights shining off his shiny bald head and blinding you. Remember to buy more Pop Tarts when you go to the store, you’re all out.”

Is that not the most accurate scouting report on a player that you’ve ever seen in your entire life? I’m re-reading it right now and it’s eerie how intelligent I am.

Anyway, the Bucks ignored my scouting report to their detriment. They got the win, but Anthony Tolliver pretty much totally embarrassed them, especially in the first half. Now he’s truly earned the nickname “Tollbooth” because Giannis tried to go through him, but apparently didn’t have the correct change.

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