Nikola Mirotic 17 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

OFFICIAL DTB DISCLAIMER: Normally, seventeen points is not enough for a Nikola Mirotic highlight video. However, I made this video anyway, for the following reasons:

OFFICIAL REASON #1: I figured that people want to see Mirotic’s first “good” game with his new team. That would be something that I would want to watch as a Bucks fan, especially if I missed the game. Montenegrins might want to watch it for similar reasons.

OFFICIAL REASON #2: I wanted to make an easy video after doing too many videos that were too long. Nikola Mirotic scoring seventeen points on seven field goals is the perfect video for the occasion. It took me, like, ten minutes to make. Being able to make a highlight video super fast is refreshing to me.

OFFICIAL REASON #3: I consider it a public service to point out that the current state of Mirotic’s beard makes it look like he has little magnetic shavings stuck all to his face.

OFFICIAL REASON #4: I don’t have a fourth reason. Just watch the video.

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