Cedi Osman 27 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

I feel like Cedi Osman is making a run at trying to be the number one option for the Cavaliers. I figure he might as well, since the Cavaliers aren’t going to be good no matter who their first option is, and he might never get a chance like this again in his career. He has to grab opportunity by the scrotum and pull hard, and that’s exactly what he did tonight. He took hold of opportunity’s hairy happysack, squeezed his fist tight around it, and yanked until opportunity yowled in pain.

Here’s who Osman theoretically has to beat out to take the “Cavs’ number one option” title for his own:

-Jordan Clarkson. This guy comes of the bench and does nothing but shoot shots. It’ll be very difficult for Osman to shoot more shots than him. I would even go so far as to say that it would be impossible for Osman to shoot more shots than him. But Osman can still establish himself as the number one option by being the number one ball-handler in addition to being the number-two scorer.

-Kevin Love. He’s still coming back from injury, but the idea going into the season was that the Cavs would be Love’s team and that Love would put up Timberwolves-esque stats now that LeBron isn’t holding him down anymore. Osman should take advantage of Love’s slow comeback before it’s too late.

-Collin Sexton. Like Clarkson, this guy likes taking shots way more than passing. But he’s still a rookie so it’s easy to push him around. If he starts acting like he thinks he’s the Cavs’ main man, Osman should just corner him in the locker room and threaten physical violence. Osman isn’t conventionally threatening, but he sort of has that Eastern European look to him that says “don’t mess with me or you’ll get hurt a lot worse than you expect.”

-Brandon Knight. Darkhorse candidate, he’s been the number one guy (or close to it) a few times in his career, so he’s no stranger to it. If he actually comes back fully from injury, he could surprise people. Osman should nip this in the bud by re-injuring him.

-Nik Stauskas. If it’s raining and the games are held outside and in Canada, not only will Stauskas take every shot, but he’ll make every shot as well. Osman should make sure that doesn’t happen by requiring all Cavs games to be played inside arenas and not in people’s backyards.

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