Domantas Sabonis 23 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

So Domantas Sabonis had to leave this game with a minute left after he sustained some kind of injury. It looked like a turned ankle and he walked off mostly under his own power, so I’m hopeful that it’s not anything major. I thought about showing a clip of the injury at the end of this video (as well as placing a “/1 Injury” addendum in the title) but I decided that I do have some integrity left in my soul. And that little bit of integrity dictates that I don’t put gratuitous shots of player injuries into my videos just because I feel like.

Before the injury, Sabonis was doing his usual thing where he dominates opposing bigs with his efficient scoring and piercing blue eyes and his Saboner. The insane efficiency that Sabonis displayed in the first few months of the season had dropped off, but now it seems to be back in full effect, just in time for him to help carry a little bit more of the scoring load in Victor Oladipo’s absence. Assuming his ankles are intact and he didn’t suffer some kind of catastrophic ankle explosion when he tripped over that Pistons player.

One thing’s for sure: Andre Drummond received the full length of Sabonis’ Saboner, and he did not enjoy the experience at all.

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