Robin Lopez 26 Points/1 Three Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

Well, this is unexpected.

The Lopez twins just squared off, and Robin (henceforth referred to as Fropez) MADE MORE THREE POINTERS than his brother Brook (henceforth referred to as Blopez). Fropez was 1/1 from deep; Blopez was 0/7. There is a phrase which references the rotation of tables that I think applies here.

Not only that, but Fropez in generally just completely outplayed his brother, despite Blopez being a more prominent figure in the NBA landscape. “Role-Player” Fropez vs. “Former All-Star” Blopez isn’t supposed to be a contest, but this time, it totally was, and Fropez won easily. 26/3/2 vs 13/4/1 statlines. You be the judge. Except don’t because I already did the judgment for you, and the OFFICIAL JUDGMENT states that Fropez is the clear victor in this Lopez battle.

Narratives are being rewritten here, people. Don’t let their respective teams’ success blind you from the truth. The Narrative. Is. Being. Re. Written.

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