Malcolm Brogdon 22 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

When people say “Malcolm Brogdon averages 16 points per game”, they don’t mean that he averages 16 points per game. They mean that literally every game he’s going to go out and score 16 points. No more, no less. I wish I was exaggerating (I guess I am a little bit), because his incredible scoring consistency means I don’t get to make as many videos of him as I want.

I mean, I’m DownToBuck, the “Buck” is right there in the title, and I barely even get to make Bucks highlights because of my stupid refusal to do Khris Middleton (All-Star) and Eric Bledsoe (should’ve been an All-Star over Middleton) videos. Though I am kind of glad that Giannis is way out of my league now. You know how much time those videos would take with all the replays they show for every little thing that he does? I’ll leave that to the big boys.

But back to Brogdon: he’s only got FIVE single-digit scoring games this season, and three of those were 9-pointers. Remember, he’s “only” averaging 16 per game. His number of 20-burgers is slightly more impressive, at 11, but the highest scoring one is only 24 points. Whereas Middleton and Bledsoe and Lopez and everyone else besides Giannis are fairly incosistent, coming and going as they please, Brogdon shows up. Every. Single. God-damn. Night. Sometimes he over-dribbles, sometimes he misses free throws (he’s so broken now, down to 93 percent), but he’s the secondary rock which anchors the Bucks. Giannis is the much bigger rock who also happens to have chronic knee pain that will become a problem in the future.

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