Tyus Jones 16 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

I am starting to think a little bit that maybe Ricky Rubio’s assist totals were inflated during the time he was playing with Karl-Anthony Towns. I’ve always known that the Rubio/KAT combo was devastating, but I thought it was more a result of their chemistry rather than KAT being an unstoppable bucket-getting beast.

I’m thinking this because I’ve had to do Jeff Teague vids with too many assists, Derrick Rose vids with too many assists, Jerryd Bayless vids with too many assists, and now Tyus Jones vids with too many assists (sorry I ignored the Isaiah Canaan vid with too many assists btw he was sweet last night for the Bucks). All those vids with too many assists, and those assists were to KAT. Uniformly. Every point guard he plays with gets free assists because he is 100 percent willing to shoot any shot from anywhere on the court.

Plus, the Timberwolves scorekeepers are really loose with what counts as an assist. Almost as bad as the Nuggets or Celtics scorekeepers.

Once you get past all the cruddy assists in this video, Jones lets loose some sweet scoring moves. Just ignore all the lame passes to KAT and concentrate on Jones showing why advanced stats randomly loved him a year/two years ago. What was up with that anyway? He was, like, one of the best players in the league according to RAPM.

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