Jonathan Isaac 16 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

This is about the point of the season where I start struggling to come up with original description material, especially for players who constantly earn highlight videos with their strong play. Jonathan Isaac is one such player. He has gotten a highlight video for six of his last seven games, or, at least, he deserved a highlight video for those six games; I’m too unmotivated to actually check if I made those videos. Anyway, you should be able to understand my plight here. There’s only so many times I can mock the weird way he shoots the ball (what is he doing with his knees?) or mock the fact that he gave a big sermon and invited all his teammates to come hear him speak but none of them showed.

What Jonathan Isaac angle haven’t I explored yet? His skinniness? His hair? His choice in sneakers? I don’t know. Those topics all seem very blah to me, and the past few weeks are all running together in my head so it’s very possible I addressed those topics already in a different Isaac video.

I could write a story where the ghost of Mark Price visits Isaac in the practice gym and brutally mocks him while draining fifty three-pointers in a row. No wisdom is imparted to Isaac, but the embarrassment he felt at being outplayed by a ghost is enough motivation to get him to clean up his crazy-looking shot motion. That would be a good story, but I’m too lazy for that too. Sorry everyone.

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