Pascal Siakam 25 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

Four three-pointers in one game is tied for Pascal “SICKam” Siakam’s career-high in that category. That’s one of the things I like about him. Three-pointers are great and awesome and cool, but they cause players to rack up points too quickly, which means that they’ll score a lot of points but not have many made field goals to show for it. Siakam does most of his damage with two-point shots, only occasionally throwing in a three-pointer as a garnish, which means his highlight videos are always jam-packed with sick interior scoring. Hence the nickname “SICKam”.

The best part of this game wasn’t SICKam having an All-Star-esque scoring performance, although that was definitely nice. The best part was the Celtics getting BTFO by the Raptors even though they were supposed to “run the East” with “lots of high fives” according to Bill Simmons. The only fanbase in the NBA that draws as much DTB ire as the Lakers’ fanbase is the Celtics’ fanbase. They’ve had a lot of good things happen to them in their history, so bad things happening to them is just a natural restoration an order, a needed correction, if you will.

I’m not big on Raptors fans either, since they’re so loud and prominent, but they at least have to have a finals appearance before I start hating them for enjoying too much success.

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