Jerami Grant 21 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

If it seems like this video doesn’t quite contain enough scoring to match the title of the video, that’s because it doesn’t. Jerami Grant’s first three-pointer of the game is missing from the video. However, unlike past omissions on my channel, which are a result of me rushing through a video or simply being too stupid to realize that I’ve forgotten to include a clip, this instance of a missing bucket is completely not my fault.

Grant’s omitted three-pointer occurs at 5:11 in the first-quarter. At 5:17, the TNT broadcast shows the game in progress. Then, they abruptly cut to a full-screen interview of Nikola Jokic, which persists on the screen until there is 4:59 left in the quarter. During that time, there is no indication that a game is happening at all. There’s no inset, game clock, or even game noise. There’s just Caron Butler asking Nikola Jokic which he would prefer to win between an Oscar and a Grammy. It’s like a post-timeout segment that wasn’t started on time, so the guys controlling the broadcast said “screw it, we’ll just play it during the game, nobody will care that we’re omitting an entire Thunder possession.”

Actually, I’m betting that TNT executives themselves ordered the interview to be played on top of the game at this crucial moment. They’re jealous of my ability to create high-quality highlight videos out of their broadcast, so they set me up to fail. Well, in a sense, it worked, because I failed to make a video that can accurately be termed “full highlights”, but their plan was foiled because I uploaded this video anyway despite the missing three-pointer.

DTB wins again.

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