Will Barton 23 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

With the emergence of all sorts of scoring threats from all corners of the Nuggets roster (still waiting on Michael Porter Jr. btw he’s gonna be a beast), Will Barton has seen a slight downturn in his scoring this season. When a team has been doing good with you sitting on the bench, injured, like the Nuggets have been, there’s not a huge rush to get you back up to speed with your same touches and minutes.

Which is, honestly, fine by me. Barton is fun, but is he as fun as all the other dudes who can score the rock for the Nuggets? Maybe, if he’s dunking it all the time and making crazy shots in the paint like in this game. Other times, not so much. I’ve seen a lot of Barton over the years, and any hype I had for him is long gone, replaced by hype for Monte Morris and Malik Beasley.

Still, it’s really great how Barton transformed himself from an afterthough in Portland into a legit scoring option. Who ever thought that this Corey Brewer-looking dude with a totally messed up jumper could one day average 15 points per game on a good team (that was last year, not this year)? Not me, and not you either, unless you’re Barton himself or his mom. In which case, don’t you have something better to be doing with your time than watching highlights of you/your son, like counting your fat stacks of cash?

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