Cedi Osman 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (2/28/2019)

The box-score says that Cedi Osman scored 21 points in this game, and watching this video while tallying up the buckets also results in a total of 21 points, but under DownToBuck’s Revised and Super-Accurate Basketball Scoring Method (DTBRASABSM), he only scored 15. Why, you ask?

Because two of his three-pointers should not have gone in. One was banked in from the top of the key, which is ridiculous. If you took Tim Duncan’s bankshot to its limits, you could theoretically bank in an elbow three, but not one from straight away. So that shot doesn’t count. The other shot that doesn’t count was another three-pointer later in the game. The ball didn’t really want to go in but it sort of hopped out of the rim and then dropped in. Some people call that “shooter’s touch”. I call that “zero points” because under no circumstances should three-pointers count for points if they’re not swishing right through the net.

Since Osman only had fifteen points when adjusting for my superior new scoring system, I shouldn’t have even made this video. Fifteen points is below the Osman threshold. I totally could have had Allonzo Trier or Collin Sexton highlights done and uploaded in the time it took me to make this video. I am so mad right now.

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