Gary Clark 14 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2019)

When I saw that Gary Clark had 14 points in this game, my first thought was, “Great! Now I get to see what Gary Clark looks like!”

Hold back your gasps of incredulity, Rockets fans. Yes, it is true that I don’t care enough about the Rockets to watch any of their games and thus catch a glimpse of Clark’s visage. I am not afraid to admit it. Now that I am seeing him for the first time, I can say that he looks like a combination of the facial features of Donovan Mitchell with the utter round-headedness of Eric Gordon.

If you are in the same boat that I was, you have to look no further than this video to get multiple angles of Clark’s head and face. You can use the clips contained herein to build an accurate picture of Clark’s appearance, so that when he next gets brought up in conversation around you, you can visualize in your mind’s eye an accurate representation of him, rather than the “generic black guy” that you were visualizing before. Or “generic white guy”, if you got his race wrong too (an easy mistake when you’ve never actually seen somebody).

I know you’ve got a question in mind now and I’ll answer it for you. No, I’ve never had a real life conversation where Gary Clark was brought up. But it could totally happen.

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