Henry Ellenson 13 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2019)

This thirteen-point outing from Henry Ellenson is basically just as good as his previous game, where he also scored thirteen points (a game which will also be known to future generations of NBA fans as the “Ellenson Breakout Game”). Sure, the 13/5/0 statline looks objectively worse than the previous 13/9/5 statline, but that’s why I used the word “basically”. The point totals are the same, so that means the two performances are “basically” the same. I don’t want to split hairs here. That’s just my definition of the word and if you don’t like it you can go write your own video description where this game from Henry Ellenson is portrayed as significantly inferior to his previous game.

Now that Ellenson has had two good games in a row, I wonder if that’s enough to earn “featured role in the offense” honors for the rest of the season. It should at least be good for a few games of unrestricted shot attempts and nigh-unlimited minutes. If the Knicks can magically turn Ellenson into a good player, they’ll get a lot of credit for finding a “diamond in the rough”, which will be a big change from their trend of finding “dirt clods in the rough” or “rotted human carcasses in the rough”.

It would be cool if I could say that I never gave up on Ellenson and always knew he had this in him, but that would be a lie. I had kinda given up on him since he was a stretch big who couldn’t shoot, rebound, or defend. This is also the part of the description where I tell people that I’m happy to be proven wrong. That’s also a lie. I hate being proven wrong and I take all steps necessary to prevent that scenario.

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