E’Twaun Moore 20 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2019)

Last season, E’Twaun Moore was 51st in the league in made field goals. That doesn’t seem very high on the list, but when you consider that there’s just thirty teams in the league and many of them have multiple star players, it starts looking like a more impressive stat. Then you look at the players near him in the list that year (Taj Gibson, Thaddeus Young) and it starts looking lame again. So, actually, I don’t even know what to think about that.

This season, due to some missed games, Moore is 108th on the made field goal list. That definitely lines up more accurately with my perception of him as a player. I really don’t like it when I observe stats that challenge my perception of a player because that gets me frighteningly close to the fact that maybe I’m not always right all the time. If conclusive evidence were to turn up proving that I’m sometimes wrong in my assessment of players, my confidence would be so shook that I probably wouldn’t write video descriptions anymore because I would be too insecure in my opinions.

So, thank you Moore for not making too many shots this season.

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