Malcolm Brogdon 21 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2019)

Malcolm Brogdon is so good. SO GOOD. Hands off, other teams. He’s mine. He’s going to be on the Bucks forever. He’s like the Scottie Pippen and Giannis is the Michael Jordan. I am being totally serious right now. That’s how good his intangibles are. He brings sick finishing (he never misses layups, never EVER, and if you provide video footage that he does I will commend you on your sick video doctoring skills), sick three-point shooting, sick basketball IQ, and he looks like frickin’ Obama which is better than looking like other past US presidents when it comes to being good at basketball.

I don’t know how he’s so good. He was pretty good as a rookie, good enough to win ROY of the Year, but I didn’t anticipate this much improvement from him. Not even close. I thought he had almost peaked as an old rookie, but now it’s looking like he could average 20 per game if he was playing on a team that wasn’t stacked with offensive talent.

But that, again, doesn’t mean I want to see him on a team other than the Bucks. I want him on the Bucks, and I want him to be holding that championship trophy after winning Finals MVP for hitting a game-winning buzzer-beater against the Nuggets in game four, and I want Giannis to be hugging him, and I don’t want him to ever leave.

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