Frank Kaminsky 15 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2019)

Frank Kaminsky isn’t a great NBA player, but does he fall into the category of “unplayably bad”? I don’t think so. Hornets fans are free to disagree with me, because they presumably have watched him play (or not play, as has been the case recently) for the whole season, but my opinion is that a 7-footer who can shoot threes is valuable enough to get minutes at least over Bismack Biyombo.

Yeah, sure, you can claim that his 7-foot-ness is invalid because his head is super tall and his arms have the wingspan of a small forward. Those are valid claims to make, but the truth is that the top of his head is seven feet off the ground. Guys like that who can also shoot threes are a rare breed even still in the NBA. Guys like that who also can barely dunk are even rarer.

Supposedly, Kaminsky as frustrated with the Hornets and wanted a buyout. I don’t know why they wouldn’t grant his request, since obviously he’s not in their plans, now or in the future, but I don’t really understand the CBA so there must be some reason. In any case, he’s still in Charlotte, still getting tons of DNP’s, until tonight. Borrego dusted him off here against the Nets and had him play 24 minutes, which, again, doesn’t make sense. Kaminsky rewarded his coach’s faith in him with 15 points. He could probably average that much in the right situation.

I would offer to trade Thon Maker for him, but I can’t because I don’t represent the interests of Pistons fans. But still, the Pistons should trade Maker for him. Who doesn’t want to see Jon Leuer and Frank Kaminsky on the same team?

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